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Internal Detoxification

Proper Bowel Management & Care - Understanding the importance and function of the eliminative organs, with special emphasis on the bowel should be the first step before embarking on any type of internal cleansing program. Start to recognize the importance and the necessity of having 2-3 bowel movements per day, understand the problems associated with constipation, and take proper steps to avoid toxic buildup in the bowel.

Proper Diet & Nutrition -
No detoxification program is complete without the basic building blocks of proper nutrition. Stay away from low-vitality foods, overcooked or processed foods, fried foods, junk foods, etc. Refined products that contain sugar salt, saturated fats, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are extremely detrimental to the human body. Realize that excessive intake of animal proteins (especially red meats) places a tremendous burden on the digestive system. Our bodies need live foods for optimal vitality; fresh fruits, raw vegetables and whole grains (preferably organic). These foods contain the necessary enzymes to assist in proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as important fibers to expedite intestinal transit time of foods. Wholesome foods in their natural state provide the necessary nutrients to build a strong and healthy body. Remember, you are what you eat.

The Importance of Drinking Water -
75% of the human body is made up of water; it is second only to oxygen in sustaining human life. Water is instrumental in the body's cleansing process. It flushes toxins, wastes, and cellular debris from our systems, while transporting nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and sugars for assimilation. When the body gets enough water it works at its peak potential, so remember to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day.

The Importance of Exercise -
Exercise strengthens the entire body and mind. It stimulates the circulatory system and lymphatic system, and it builds the muscles, the glands, the lungs, the heart and the brain. Blood is pumped throughout the body by a strong heart, but lymphatic fluid depends solely on exercise to be circulated. The lymphatic system is instrumental in the body's cleansing systems. Studies show that a moderate exercise program involving heart-rate elevation for a period of 20-30 minutes per day is all that is needed for optimal benefits.

The Importance of Stress Management -
This is an aid to internal cleansing because it is a modern day evil that affects every cell and tissue in the body, breaking down the immune system as well as all if the major organs. Stress robs the body of important vitamins and minerals, and over time, can cause severe acid build up. Stress hinders proper digestion, absorption and elimination of nutrients by throwing the digestive system out of balance. For these reasons, the reduction of stress is an important factor in achieving optimal health.



The Use of Herbs and Fiber -
Any cleansing technique, regardless of individual needs, should begin with a cleansing program that consists of multi-herb and multi-fiber formulas. This will expedite and facilitate elmination of accumulated toxins. Herbs are nature's cleansers, rich in food-source vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Herbs in therapeutic combinations can "jump-start" an individual's natural cleansing processes. Combinations of fibers help provide the roughage and bulk needed to sweep, clean and tone the entire digestive and eliminative system.

Fasting Techniques -
Fasting is one of the world's oldest cleansing therapies. By abstaining from food, stress is removed from essential organs and digestive processes, so that healing and rebuilding can take place. Fasting works by self-digestion. During a cleansing fast, the body, in its infinite wisdom, will decompose and burn only the substances that are damaged, diseased or unneeded. A true fast consists of ingesting only water. Although there is a time and place for this extreme type of fasting, a liquid fast consisting of fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices may be more suitable. All interested individuals should be encouraged to thoroughly educate themselves on the various fasting methods and techniques...and remember, before starting a fast, know what to expect. The body can go through dramatic and sometimes alarming changes as accumulated wastes are expelled.

Enemas and Colonic Irrigation -
Enemas and colonics both involve the use of purified water to irrigate and flush out toxins from the bowel. Enema bags can be purchased at any drugstore and are usually self-administered in the comfort and privacy of one's home. Colonics are always administered by a trained professional, and are more thorough than enemas. Although some persons are mentally uncomfortable with the procedure, the positive results usually overcome any preliminary hesitancy or fear. After passing mucous strings, hardened fecal matter and old rubbery material from their bowel with the help of an enema or colonic, the nervous quickly become converts.



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